Noisy neighbour receives surprise note through door after blasting music

A man says he received a note through his door after playing music in his house – but it wasn’t a noise complaint.

Binh Cao, from the US, was praised for his taste in music in the heartwarming letter.

So he took to Twitter to share a picture of the kind words, which he described as “the opposite of a noise complaint”.

The note reads: “Dear neighbour, I live next door and I would like to discuss your music.

“1) Turn it the f*** up. I’m not joking. You play good s***.

“2) Tell me what songs you’re playing. I need that s*** for my playlist.”

The heartwarming note went viral on Twitter

The note adds: “3) I’m not being ironic or anything, I’ve really enjoyed the music you’ve played since you moved in.

Sincerely, Todd. (The male part of the couple next door).

“Send me some songs!”

Bing responded by making a Spotify playlist dedicated to Todd, which is titled “Dear neighbour”.

More than 27,000 people have liked his song selections, which includes Straight to Hell by The Clash and West Coast by Lana Del Rey.

Many also took the time to share their own experiences.

One commenter wrote: “I love the energy this gives off.

“It reminds me of when a neighbour once came around and said she heard me singing, and I was expecting an earful for being too loud…

“…and she invited me to a singing circle, because I “had such a nice voice”.

And another said: “I did that to my neighbour in Edinburgh when they had a party and were playing Miles Davis… it was sooooo good!”

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