NSW Police visit boy with austism as Covid closes Giant Steps Sydney school

Heartwarming photos have captured a special moment between a boy with autism and NSW Police conducting welfare checks.

NSW Police have made the day of an eight-year-old boy with autism after his special needs school closed due to Sydney’s coronavirus outbreak.

Officers from the Ryde Police Area Command, northwest of the city, stopped in to visit Jamie, a student at Giant Steps Sydney, on Thursday.

As part of the NSW Police Force Covid-19 welfare and compliance response, officers have been checking in with several families affected by the school’s closure.

Jamie was “thrilled” to receive a visit, according to a heartwarming NSW Police post to Facebook.

From the safety of his home, Jamie asked two officers lots of questions about their job, as well as whether they liked doughnuts, the post said.

One photo of the special meeting showed Jamie looking out to the officers through a slightly ajar window, and another showed the officers waving back at him.

The kind act received a massive response on Facebook, where more than 1000 people praised the work of police.

“So good to see the police supporting kids, especially those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who are really struggling with this lockdown. Creating great memories amid chaos,” one person wrote.

“Life is tough enough for special needs kids without these lockdowns so I bet Jamie was so pleased with his visit from the police,” someone else said.

“Thank you for giving back NSW Police, even though it’s such a small gesture to some, as a mum of a child also with ASD, it is not a small gesture for the families,” a third said.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced on Friday that Greater Sydney’s lockdown would be extended until the end of September after an additional 642 cases were recorded.

People in the areas of most concern will also have to comply with a 9pm-5am curfew and be allowed to exercise for a maximum of one hour a day.

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