Number of Freddos you can buy today compared to year 2000 – and it’s a lot less

Since the year 2000, a lot has changed in the world.

Pandemics and referendums aside, the real pressing issue of the last two decades is that of the price of everyone’s favourite chocolate amphibian – the Freddo.

Those with millions to their name may not be kept up at night by the small choccy bar, but the inflation of this froggy fella is frustrates the rest of us.

Robert Peston came to the rescue to provide some answers to the confectionary conundrum.

Speaking on Joe Lycett’s show, Got Your Back, the political commentator explained exactly how many Freddos one person could afford now, compared to the year 2000.

Peston told the comedian: “I’ve been wasting my time for years on relatively trivial issues like the banking crisis, the Covid crisis, the Brexit crisis, but I’ve always wanted to get stuck into this question of what’s been happening to the price of Freddos.”

Freddos have fluctuated in price over the years

Sharing his findings, the journalist said: “The basic numbers are these – a Freddo bar cost 10p in 2000. It went up to 17p, that’s a 70% increase, in 2010.

“Believe it or not, for a brief period it was 30p, but now it’s 25p.

“Obviously, for most of us, our quality of life stems from how many Freddos we can afford in a typical day, so I looked at how many Freddos you can buy in 2000 based on average earnings, compared with how many we can buy today based on average earnings.”

Peston compared people’s incomes to show just how much the Freddo has raised in price: “The average hourly rate of pay in 2000 was £7.50.

“That bought you 75 Freddos. Of course, pay has gone up really quite a lot since 2000. It’s gone up to £14.20 an hour on average.

“But here’s the really bad news. That average hour’s work buys you only 57 Freddos – disaster!”

Fear not, Peston has solved the issue with a money making opportunity, “If you want to make a decent investment, don’t eat a Freddo – just put it away for a rainy day! It’s going up in value.”

No more having to figure out how to invest in crypto currencies, I guess a small chocolate frog will sort us out for life.

Earlier this year, YouTuber and political candidate – Niko Omilana – pledged to reduce the Freddo price back to 5p when he was running for Mayor of London.

Maybe we will see the issue of Freddo inflation feature on a party manifesto in the next general election…

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