Nursery worker explains what staff really mean when they are talking about your kids

A nursery worker named Chelsey has gone viral on social media for sharing what it’s really like to do her job and breaking down what certain phrases used to describe your kids mean

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Nursery worker reveals meaning behind what she tells parents

It’s no secret that young children can be difficult, so if your job involves looking after an entire class of them – we take our hat off to you.

While their work is undoubtedly rewarding, teachers and nursery staff have tiring and I’m sure downright stressful jobs at times.

But if you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to have a career like this, we now have some answers thanks to TikTok.

A nursery nurse named Chelsey has been revealing all sorts of fascinating details about her job – including the ‘secret code’ staff use when talking about your children.

In a recent video posted under @chel.ssey, the young woman shares some of the phrases she might say to parents when they pick up their children, versus what she actually means.

Chelsey’s amusing video went viral



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The clip begins by saying: “Nursery workers be like… ‘They’ve been very vocal today’.”

And by this, Chelsey claims they really mean that your child has “screamed lots”.

While if a nursery worker tells you “they have been very active today”, what they’re actually saying is “they climbed on every piece of furniture”.

Similarly “they’ve been a bit of a monkey” translates in Chelsey’s book to “they didn’t listen to a word I said and did whatever they wanted”.

Chelsey captioned the post, admitting: “I made myself laugh making this btw.”

More than 57,000 people have watched the video, with thousands liking it.

Many people were quick to agree with her points in the comments, with one person stating: “Can’t relate to anything more.”

Another wrote: “My life working with toddlers.”

“Haha, brilliant,” proclaimed a third.

While someone else posted: “OMG too true.”

“The accuracy,” added a fifth user.

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