Nursing student pays for mum’s cancer treatment with money earned on OnlyFans

A former student nurse who once lived from pay check to pay check is now funding her mother’s cancer treatment through OnlyFans.

And, she’s making around $100,000 (£72,200) every single month on the site.

Nicole Desmond, 34, from California, US, shared seductive snaps and videos of herself on the subscription site as well as on Instagram, @ndesmond143_2 where she has 326,000 followers.

At first, Nicole decided to try out the modelling website to give her children a better life, but within months of starting on OnlyFans Nicole’s mum, Patty, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to her liver and lungs.

Patty was so unwell that she was no longer able to work and so couldn’t support herself financially.

But, luckily, Nicole was able to step in and help her mum thanks to her bumper payments from OnlyFans.

Patty, who was diagnosed in October 2019 and spent most of 2020 undergoing treatment alone due to the pandemic, has now moved in with her daughter and grandchildren, aged 16 and nine.

Nicole sells risque snaps of herself online
(Image: Jam Press/@ndesmond143_2)

Nicole explained: “Last year, I had to force myself to accept I was going to lose her.

“A doctor went into her room while she was sick and alone (we couldn’t visit due to Covid) and told her she only had six months to live if her cancer continued to progress the way it was going.

“She was deteriorating, but miraculously turned around.

“The idea that I would lose her nearly broke me.

“Before Covid and cancer, mum worked as a housekeeper in hospital – but I wouldn’t let her go back to work.

“It was too dangerous with her reduced immune system and I didn’t like the idea of her having to do such a physical job.”

Nicole recently graduated as a nurse and so she cares for her mum in the day while modelling online to make cash for the family.

Before launching her OnlyFans, Nicole supported her family on $2,500 (£1,800) a month as a hospital secretary, but now, she makes $100,000 (£72,200) a month.

Nicole said: “I set myself up on OnlyFans after I saw the buzz about the site online.

“I was in debt at the time and working as a secretary, as well as pursuing my goal to become a nurse.

“I would get behind in bills just to provide the kids with decent school clothes and supplies so they didn’t have to deal with bullies.

“Thanks to OnlyFans we are financially stable and have a very fruitful life.”

The mum-of-two even mentions colon cancer on her OnlyFans page where she’s trying to help people be aware of the condition.

Nicole said: “My fans know about my mum and the good ones are always checking in to see how she’s doing.

“When my mum was really ill, I even connected with an oncologist fan who was such a huge help to me during that time with his vast knowledge and recommendations when I was so frightened.”

And, Nicole has her mother’s full backing.

She explained: “Mum doesn’t judge me and she supports me 100%.

“When she found out about what I was doing she just said I am fully grown and able to make my own decisions.”

Patty is not yet in remission and has. undergone three rounds of chemo and radiation.

The mum said: “I find it hard to talk about my diagnosis but I am so thankful to be with the kids and Nicole and to have their support at such a hard time in my life.

“OnlyFans is not something I could personally do but I don’t judge anyone’s career path. If they like it and are happy, that’s none of my business.

“I’m proud of Nicole for building the life she has with her children and for never giving up. I see how hard she works.”

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