Octavia Spencer Has Never Married and Has No Kids — Inside Her Views on Motherhood and Family

Octavia Spencer is one actress who plays her movie roles with passion. Her personal life outside of the camera is very different from an average Hollywood actress. Here are some interesting facts about Spencer’s life.

Octavia Spencer is one of the most admired actresses in Hollywood. Born and raised in Alabama, the icon has played several roles, recipient of various awards, and has many award nominations to her name.

Away from the spotlight, Spencer’s personal life is pretty interesting. While many Hollywood stars are over the moon about the thoughts of being married and having kids, the actress shows no interest in having children of her own. Let’s take a deeper look into the life of Spencer.

Octavia Spencer at the 2019 GLSEN Respect Awards, November 1, 2019. | Photo: Getty Images


In a round-table discussion, Spencer shared her thoughts on motherhood with fellow celebrities, Amy Adams, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Emma Thompson, and Lupita Nyong’o. The actress revealed that she should have been married with 19 children.

However, Spencer thought that her eggs were dying on the shelf, and they would get past their expiration dates. According to her, it was a decision she made, and she was okay with her choice.

Even though the author claims to be okay without offspring, she once made it known that she wanted kids. A few years back, Spencer admitted to wanting three kids. According to the producer, she was in her early forties and would have been happy with one healthy baby. 

Spencer attributes her decision of being childless to not being maternal. Following her role of Rowena in the movie “Black or White,” where she played the character of a grandmother, the producer said she chose the part because of the message and not her maternal instincts.

Despite Spencer’s lack of concern in wanting children, she is interested in writing children’s books. In 2013, the award winner’s first children’s book was released, and it was titled “Randi Rhodes, Ninja Detective: The Tale Of The Time-Capsule Bandit.” 

She has noted that her siblings are private people who love anonymity, and she respects that.


Spencer comes from a large family. The actress is the second youngest of seven children raised by her single mother, Dellsena. While growing up, the Hollywood icon shared an excellent relationship with her mother.

Being a single mom, Dellsena made sure her kids made good use of all the opportunities afforded them. In a chat with People and Entertainment Weekly, Spencer relayed that her mother worked as a maid and did other jobs in the quest to provide for her children.

According to Spencer, Dellsena made her daughters understand that there were no limitations, except they placed them on themselves. Most importantly, she taught the “Hidden Figures” stars and her siblings to know their place in the world.

Sadly, the mom of seven passed away when Spencer was only 18 years old. Although the strong woman is not alive to witness her daughter’s successful career, Spencer owes all her success to Dellsena.

While growing up, Spencer and her large family had very little, but with the help of her mother, she knew the state of the family at the time did not dictate her path. The author is proud of her family and tags them as the loveliest people in her life. 

She has noted that her siblings are private people who love anonymity, and she respects that. For Spencer, she believes spending the Christmas holidays with her family in Alabama is the best and would continue to do so till she gets married.

Fans of the talented actress are still optimistic that she would walk down the aisle someday, as the actress Melissa McCarthy made it known that Spencer caught the bouquet at her wedding.

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