Odeon secrets exposed: Ex-worker reveals best time to go and if you can bring in food

A former Odeon worker has spilled the beans on secrets you don’t know about the popular cinema chain.

With coronavirus lockdowns hopefully behind us once and for all, movie lovers have finally been able to return to cinemas to watch their favourite flicks.

And the recent release of the eagerly-anticipated 25th installment of James Bond – No Time To Die – is expected to boost ticket sales even further.

But if you do find yourself taking a trip to the big screen in the not too distant future, there are a few handy tricks to know.

A former worker at one of the biggest cinema chains in the country – Odeon – has lifted the lid on the best time to visit and even answered the age-old question about whether customers can bring in their own food.

Best time to go

“The best time to go depends on what’s out and if it’s the school holidays,” the ex-employee told Daily Star.

“School holidays you know it will be busy the whole time – day time, evening, weekends.

“But during a normal school term going during the day in the week is definitely the best time.”

She added that you can also get off-peak tickets which will save you some money and reckons tickets can be bought for around £5 before 5pm.

The cinema chain has many deals for movie lovers
(Image: Tamworth Herald)

Bringing in your own snacks

The former Odeon worker also said it was bizarre that people “act sneaky” while bringing food into the cinema.

She said: “That’s 100% allowed, you’re not being sneaky in the slightest.

“You can take in any food you want as long as it’s not hot food that will smell.”

Perks of the job

Amazingly, some lucky Odeon employees might get special perks such as using the big screens for staff parties, according to the ex-staffer.

“My last boss we had when I was there was really cool and we’d have games night and hook up different games consoles in each screen after everything had closed and at midnight all the staff were in there playing Rocket League on the screens,” she said.

“We quite often got to see the films early because they would unlock them at midnight [on the day of release].”

Some parts of the job were less fun, like finding used condoms left behind after screenings of Fifty Shades of Grey.

This comes after an Odeon worker previously revealed they would rub shoulders with celebrities at special screening events.


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