Official Documentary On Singer Celine Dion’s Life Is In The Works Following Collaboration With Sony Entertainment

Quebec native singer Celine Dion has taken to Twitter to announce the exciting news that she has collaborated with Sony Entertainment on a documentary about her life in and out of the spotlight.

The film will be funded and released by Sony Entertainment and directed by Irene Taylor, who has done many other celebrity documentaries.

Taylor is known for her documentaries that work closely with celebrities to bring the viewers the best look at the celeb. Doing this gives viewers a true sense of the celeb rather than tabloids and sources close to them.

Taylor’s films are feature-length and her first feature film, “Hear And Now,” won multiple awards. She also earned an Oscar nomination for her 2009 film, “The Final Inch.”

Her films are best known for delving deep into what it is like to be a human in today’s world, making her the perfect person to direct a documentary about Dion.

While it is clear that she is the perfect match for a film about Dion, Taylor has said that it is an honor for her to do this film, adding it will be an extraordinary experience for her to work closely with the singer.

The accomplished filmmaker is excited about bringing Dion’s life to fans.  She said she looks forward to sharing a “multifaceted portrait of an iconic, global superstar” with the world.

A day before Dion announced on Twitter that she would be collaborating with Taylor and Sony Entertainment on a documentary, a film loosely based on the singer’s life was also announced. However, the documentary will offer fans a real look into Dion’s life.

Dion said in her tweet that she was going to be working closely with Sony Entertainment and Taylor to bring a “very personal” documentary to her fans, which will show them parts of the singer that have never been seen before.

She also said that she has always been open with her fans about what is going on in her life but that she is excited for Taylor to take this project on because she believes Taylor will tell her story in a heartfelt way.

Meanwhile, Sony Music Entertainment’s Tom Mackay has also weighed in to let fans know that the company is excited about working with Dion on this documentary, saying:

“Celine Dion is one of the most sought-after recording artists of all time. We are honored to collaborate with her to produce this much-anticipated documentary.”


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