Old Man at a Hunting Club Tells a Story about His Rhino Hunt

A young man joined a hunting club and asked around for the people with the best hunting stories; it was his first night there. One of the guys there replied to him:

“The man over there in the wheelchair is named James. He’s 90 years old and has been hunting all over the world for 70 years. He’s got some great stories.”

An old man told a story about his encounter with a lion | Source: Shutterstock

The newcomer then walked over to the 90-year-old and introduced himself, and then asked the old man to tell him an interesting hunting story.

The man then started, “Well, I was out on the Serengeti hunting rhino. So I tracked one down, and just as I raised my rifle, a huge lion jumped out of the brush next to me and bellowed a loud ROAAAAAAARRRRR!!! And I just sh*t myself!!!”

The young man then said he would also have been scared and soiled himself, but the old man interrupted him and said:

 “No, not then, just now when I yelled ROOAAAAARRRR!!!”


One Saturday, John, a skilled hunter, got up from his bed and dressed. He was ready to go hunting that morning to kill his first deer of the season. He walked into his kitchen to get a cup of coffee before heading out, but surprisingly, he found his wife in her full hunting kit.

Curious, John asked her where she was going, and with a smile, she replied that she was joining him for his hunting trip. Although he had reservations and thoughts running through his mind, he decided to let her tag along.

When they got to the hunting site, the man kept his wife at a safe spot in a tree and instructed her to take a shot if she sighted any deer around, and he would come running to her once he hears the shot.

With that, John left his wife with a smile on his face. He was aware that she could not aim a shot at an elephant, much more a tricky deer. A few minutes later, John was startled. He heard a series of gunshots and began to run to meet his wife.

When he got closer, he heard her screaming, “Get away from my deer!” This made John more confused, so he ran faster to his wife. As he was running, he heard a series of gunshots and heard her yell, “Get away from my deer!'”

When he was within sight, he saw a funny scene. A cowboy had his hands raised in the air and looked visibly shaken. The cowboy said:

 “Okay, lady, okay! You can have your deer! Just let me get my saddle off it!”‘

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Source: RedditJokes4us

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