Old school canteen list found during home renovation and people can’t believe the food prices

One of the biggest childhood throwbacks is no doubt waiting in the canteen line at school and deciding what to have for lunch among the array of sometimes mouth-watering but often bland choices.

A mum from Victoria, Australia has provided some nostalgia after posting online a retro school canteen list dating back to 1986.

Since posting the list into the Facebook group – “Old Shops Australia” – it has gone viral with the canteen menu bringing back people’s memories of their time at school.

The son of the woman shared his parent’s discovery with a photo of the list and added in a caption: “My parents are getting their kitchen renovated and found my old primary school canteen price list at the back of a cupboard mum was clearing out. Look at those prices!”

The menu dates all the way back to 1986

(Facebook/Old Shops Australia)

With most of the items priced at under a dollar, it’s no wonder people are feeling nostalgic.

Thirty-five years ago, you could treat yourself with a 70c (37p) pizza, along with a custard tart for dessert at 60c (32p) and neck back a fruit juice for just 30c (16p).

Other classic Australian lunch choices included a Vegemite roll for 50c (27p), Yummy Drummies Polar Bars, bush biscuits or fritz (devon).

Hundreds of people have flocked to the comments to share their disbelief at the prices and some of the food options available.

One person joked: “Well half of that stuff would be in today’s canteen red zones take me back to the canteen days where food was yummy and no one gave a continental Frankfurt.”

“Daylight robbery today with their prices,” another person commented.

Someone else added: “Imagine finding that 1c coin in the gutter and treating yourself to a single Arnott’s Shape. This is fantastic, thanks for sharing!”

“Can you imagine the little darlings bringing this home today to order lunch from.. the mothers would have a heart attack,” a fourth person replied.

While others shared their favourite canteen food from back in their school days.

One person wrote: “I remember early 1970’s $00.20c lunch order, salad roll, bottle of soft drink & a vanilla slice all of .20c”

“I was at primary school in the 60’s and 15cents would get me a sausage roll and sauce and a pineapple cream donut with 2cent change for a bag of lollies! Friday lunch treat!” Another person added.

Someone else commented: “Yummy drummies were my favourite at primary school!!!!!”

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