Olney Amputee Dove Hunt kicks off for 50th anniversary

OLNEY (KFDX/KJTL) — Events for the annual Olney Amputee Dove Hunt are underway.

This marks 50 years since the dove hunt began. The event was canceled last year because of the pandemic.

Each year, one-armed amputees come together to hunt doves and take part in other events, like one-armed horseshoes and cow chip throwing. The event was started by Jack Bishop and Jack Northrup, known by many as the one-armed Jacks.

But, even with both Jacks passing away several years ago, Olney residents wanted to make sure the legacy of the annual event continued.

“The whole community, they worked year-round on this. We can’t always do that but what started out as a joke, weirdly as a joke, moved into a tradition and it’s a legacy that we’re proud that we’re a part of it,” Tanya Brewer said.

Shooting events start Saturday and everyone is invited to attend. Click here to find more information.

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