Olympics 2032 Host Revealed! – Which Country Is Hosting The Prestigious Sports Event?

Australia is having an additional particular Wednesday.

After approving the nomination, the International Olympic Committee introduced on July 21 that the town of Brisbane will host the 2032 Summer Olympics. “It’s a historic day not just for Brisbane and Queensland, but for the entire country,” Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison mentioned of the announcement. “Only global cities can secure the Olympic Games, so this is fitting recognition for Brisbane’s standing.”

Brisbane is the third metropolis in Australia to host the Olympic Games, following Melbourne (1956) and Sydney (2000). “It also marks an important leap forward for Australia,” Morrison continued, “as we look toward major events that lock in economic growth and social benefits that will echo for years to come.”

After the announcement was made, crowds celebrated in Brisbane’s South Bank as fireworks lit up the sky. “The Olympic Games in Brisbane will be in the most diligent, grateful, and enthusiastic hands,” IOC Vice President John Coates mentioned. “This was a really professional bid.”


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