Online Bank Of America Outage Affects Thousands

Thousands of customers were locked out of their accounts when Bank of America’s online banking system temporarily went down.

Early on Friday, Oct. 1, the company’s system experienced the issues, according to Bank of America, leading to more than 12,000 customers making complaints to Down Detector, which found that they were unable to access balances or transfer money as many were looking to pay rent on the first of the month.

BOA posted a notice on their website that they were looking into the problem, but assured customers that accounts were secure.

“We’re aware some clients are experiencing slowness as they try to access account information,” a spokesperson stated. “We’re working to improve the situation asap. Client information remains safe and secure.”

As of midday on Friday afternoon, the system was reportedly back up and running and customers were able to gain back access into their accounts. It is unclear what caused the outage.


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