Online witches plot ‘mass hexing of the Taliban’ in order to save Afghanistan with magic

Self-proclaimed ‘witches’ having been plotting to solve the Afghanistan crisis with magic by placing curses on Taliban forces.

A post from last week on a Reddit forum for witches and witchcraft sent a rallying cry to the magic community, stating: “Nothing has been put together yet and I’m looking for people who are wiser than I in this sort of magick.

“I just want as many forces as possible working against them as we can muster up.”

The call to conjuring was posted on r/witchcraft, a forum that now has over 250,000 members. It claims to be a space “to share knowledge, post resources, generate discussions, ask questions, and further the progression of witchcraft”.

The witches were shocked by the recent developments in Afghanistan and wanted to help

Created in 2010, its description says: “All are welcome, those who practice witchcraft and those who wish to learn.”

Sorcerers and sorceresses from around the world soon united behind the magical project.

One, an “Arab witch” herself, said: “Tell me what to do and where to go, I don’t know anything but I want to help.

Online 'witches' plot a 'mass hexing of the Taliban' in order to save Afghanistan
According to some on the forum, their last mass hexing caused Covid-19

“All I have is the magic I’m learning and the prayers I can make.”

Some, seemingly more experienced practitioners of the dark arts, offered advice to new recruits and posted links to readily available internet guides for casting spells.

Others debated which ancient god would best deal with the Taliban leaders – Freyja, Norse goddess of love, fertility, battle and death was a popular choice.

However not everyone reckoned that ‘hexing the Taliban’ head-on was a good idea.

Online 'witches' plot a 'mass hexing of the Taliban' in order to save Afghanistan
The evacuation from Kabul airport is still ongoing

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Another post addressed to “fellow practitioners of magick” warned that, although the Taliban are certainly worthy of this magical crusade, “they have shown themselves to be very spiritually aware and they routinely take steps to dispel, ward off and weaken magick”.

Another read: “These people are absolutely magickally protected and it is only going to bounce back and take all your energy.”

Concerns also circulated over the outcome of the last online mass hexing, which some claimed caused the Covid-19 pandemic.

The hexing was eventually called off after a moderator on the forum locked the post.

They claimed that the group’s rules were being broken, perhaps a result of the post going viral among non-witches on Twitter who flooded in to ridicule the forum.

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