Oops! Abigail Heringer Just Basically Spoiled A ‘BIP’ Relationship

Oops! Did Abigail Heringer just accidentally spoil if one BIP couple is still together? Many fans think she did. So, what was said and how was it spoiled?

Abigail Heringer may have just given a spoiler

Abigail was cruising around Instagram when the little slip happened. The potential spoiler involves Serena Pitt. Fans are seeing and hearing things about her and Joe Amabile. However, nobody knows for certain what is going on since the show is still airing.

Serena went to Instagram to share a striking photo of herself in a bikini. She said, “Feeling beachy tonight, I wonder why 😉 #bachelorinparadise #bachelornation.” Abigail commented on her pic and said, “I’m stealing you away from @joeamabile1.”

Fans instantly started commenting saying Abigail just gave away the ending. They all think this means Serena and Joe are a couple and very much still together. Serena did comment back saying something along the lines of stay tuned for her and Abigail’s one-on-one date next week.

Reality Steve dishes on the couples

If Serena and Joe are together, Abigail is not the first to dish out that information. Reality Steve revealed previously that Joe and Serena are together at the finale and get engaged. In fact, photos of the two together post filming have surfaced. It’s as if there’s not as much desire to hide a relationship on Bachelor in Paradise as there is for The Bachelor/Bachelorette. 

While Steve can’t be 100% sure Serena and Joe are still engaged, it’s looking like they are. Why else would Abigail make that comment?

Other couples

There are two other engagements that allegedly happen besides Joe and Serena. Maurissa Gunn and Riley Christian reportedly also get engaged on the finale. Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin are the last couple to get engaged.

While Abigail did not leave Paradise as an engaged woman, she did find a connection while on the show. Abigail reportedly dates Noah Erb. However, the two ultimately break up before overnight dates and leave single.

There is another couple who hits it off as well. However, this couple also decided to break up before the finale. There is still hope though. Today, it was revealed by Steve that this couple reunited post-filming. They are currently dating and getting to know each other better. To find out more about this couple click here.

It remains to be seen who gets together and stays together. Stay tuned for more updates.

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