Organised mum shares FREE cleaning charts to help people get on top of messy homes

A SUPER organised mum has shared her secrets to keeping a clean home – and she’s even provided printable charts for free.

Scottish mum Jen’s cleaning routine has gone viral several times, and now she’s sharing her printable cleaning schedule with everyone. 


Jess’s printable cleaning schedule is now available for freeCredit: TikTok/@cleanwithjen
Jess has racked up 250,000 followers on Tiktok for her cleaning methods


Jess has racked up 250,000 followers on Tiktok for her cleaning methodsCredit: TikTok/@cleanwithjen/

She claims that her checklist cleaning schedule is the key to saving time and making sure you don’t spend your whole weekend doing chores.

In a recent video which racked up over a million views, she asked: “Be honest with me, have you just spent your whole Saturday cleaning your house?”

Jess has a technique to avoid this scenario and she’s got amassed a quarter of a million followers thanks to her genius technique.

In the video, she explains: “You repeat daily tasks every day and then you clean one room in  your house every day.”

This way, she says, “your house still gets clean, but you don’t need to do it at the weekend”. 

Her printable charts tell you exactly what needs to be done every day, so you can clearly see how much there is to do and when you need to do it.

The tasks are split up by day and by room, so everything is crystal clear.

Jess shows how she uses her own chart, as she has it printed off, laminated, and then she can use a dry-erase marker to tick off items and wipe clean again.

Thousands of commenters praised Jess’s super organised approach to housework and couldn’t wait to try it out themselves.

“Yep, I struggle to do this, love this list – it is just what I need!”, enthused one commenter.

“Omg I need this list”, wrote another, while a third said: “Where did you get your cleaning schedule from? I would like to buy one!”

“Starting mine tomorrow. Plan printed off and laminated”, one keen viewer wrote.

Many agreed that with a busy schedule, keeping a strict cleaning schedule is the only way to make sure weekends can actually stay free. 

“Oh my god I work full time and I need this”, said one busy lady.

Another agreed: “I don’t clean at the weekend as that’s time with kids. I do little and often after work.” 

Simply tick off each task as you go and reuse the plan for the next week


Simply tick off each task as you go and reuse the plan for the next weekCredit: TikTok/@cleanwithjen/

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