Original Matrix website comes back to life as Matrix 4 trailer confirmed

Eighteen years have passed since The Matrix Revolutions, but the wait for The Matrix Resurrections is nearly over – with the official trailer dropping on Thursday, September 9.

The Wachowski sisters changed the landscape of action cinema for western audiences, with the release of The Matrix in 1999. The film was recognized for its innovative action scenes and storytelling.

Hollywood has toyed with the notion of a Matrix continuation for quite some time, before Lana Wachowski decided to handle the project herself.

The first footage of The Matrix Resurrections is nearly here.

The Matrix is rebooting

Fans are desperate to see any footage from the upcoming project. Due to release on December 22, The Matrix Resurrections will receive a theatrical and home release simultaneously. Home viewing will initially be available to audiences in the U.S via HBO Max. While the hype is palpable, the revival of The Matrix’s official website confirms we’re about to see the first trailer.

A teaser has dropped on September 7, confirming the date of the full trailer.

Laying dormant for years, the website first debuted back in 1999. As the internet was still in its infancy, the concept of a movie tie-in website was a novel concept. Now, the systems are rebooted and the iconic green code is available to view once more.

Matrix website live

The original ‘What is the Matrix’ site is back.

What makes this even more exciting is the fact the website showcases copyright clauses for 2021. Brandishing this information for all to see is surely a sign that promotion is about to begin.

Where is The Matrix Resurrections trailer!!!!!! The wait is giving me incredible pain!!!!” one fan said hoping for a glimpse soon. 

The Matrix Resurrections trailer is on the way

Promotion has begun to ramp up, as digital billboards have appeared, confirming the trailer is merely two days away, at the time of writing. Reddit user damienjohn clocked the teaser over on Instagram.

Another eagle-eyed fan spotted a billboard depicting the legendary red and blue pill choice, made famous by the first movie.

Matrix Resurrection Trailer confirmed to release in 2 days from matrix

Reportedly taking place in a meta take on The Matrix universe, we can’t wait to see what surprises December brings.

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