Our Top Breakups On ‘Bachelor Nation’

“Bachelor Nation” is often filled with love, parties, and drama, as contestants fight to win the heart of the one they love. While all this plays out smoothly sometimes, there is not guarantee that couples from the show will not breakup in the end.

There are some instances where couples decide to go their separate ways without any fuss, however, not every breakup ends amicably and without chaos. Some of the messy breakups on the show remained trending news on social media for weeks, and till date, fans are still talking about it.

From Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood to Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray, these ex-couples are proof that while there may be love during the show and after the final rose episode, a lot of things can go wrong in a blink of an eye.

Cassie Randolph & Colton Underwood

Now, that’s one heart-wrenching story.

Randolph and Underwood kicked things off as smoothly and lovingly as possible offline, and fans were in love with this couple’s love. However, all hell broke loose when the Bachelorette asked for a restraining order against her ex.

Though she reported that Underwood had repeatedly abused her physically, he refuted this claim in a number of interviews. Shockingly, he announced in November 2020 that the restraining order had been dismissed, and all was well between him and Randolph.

In a statement, Underwood asked that the public respects their privacy on the matter. Whatever happened behind closed doors is still a big mystery to fans, as months later, Underwood came out to the world as a gay man.

Matt James & Rachael Kirkconnell

On social media, fans are torn between their love for this beautiful couple, and the notion that the breakup was well-deserved.

James decided to pull the plug on his relationship with Kirkconnell after she came under fire for some racially incriminating comments on social media. Despite her apology, the Bachelor star broke things off with her during the “After the Final Rose” episode in March 2021.

A few weeks later, reports alleged that the duo were trying to work on their relationship, however, another source disclosed that the lovers had reconciled. They split again when Kirkconnell discovered that James was cheating on her, but later reconciled.

Clare Crawley & Dale Moss

During the first two weeks on filming during “The Bachelorette” season 16, Crawley explicitly told the other male candidates that she had picked Moss as her choice. The duo left the show happily and engaged when filming wrapped up.

However, in January 2021, reports revealed that the couple’s relationship was hanging by a cliff, and that it was only a matter of time before the split up. This prediction came to pass as Moss announced via Instagram a few days later, that he and the athlete had broken up.

In an Instagram post two days later, Crawley noted that she gave the relationship everything she could, but it seemed like splitting up was the best decision for them.

Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi

Pavelka and Girardi were the season 14 Bachelor couple who made a spectacle of themselves during an explosive interview in 2010.

It is unclear how this couple came to dislike each other this much, but according to what Pavelka had to say during the interview, it all boiled down to ‘disrespect’ in their relationship.

“I’m disgusted with you. What guy in America would ever want to be intimate with someone who undermines him, emasculates, and doesn’t respect him?” Pavelka said during the interview.

Amanda Stanton & Josh Murray

Stanton and Murray were the epitome of a happy and loving couple in one moment, and the next, things became awry between them.

After their engagement ended, Stanton accused her ex-fiancé of being controlling during the course of their relationship. She noted that he had to know everything she was doing, who she was doing it with.


“I would even have to wait for him to go to the gym so I could call my best friend Lauren Bushnell, or even my mom. He didn’t approve of my childhood friends,” Stanton said during an interview.

The last straw for the Bachelorette was when she allegedly caught him peeking through the bathroom door to see if she was texting anyone.

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