Out Cold’ Appropriate for Kids? Bear Grylls Is at It Again

According to Netflix, You vs. Wild: Out Cold is rated TV-G. This means it’s suitable for general audiences, including kids of most school ages. TV-G a step above Netflix’s TV-Y and TV-Y7 ratings: the former rating indicates content that’s “appropriate for all ages,” and the latter is found on series and movies “suitable for ages 7 and up.” Since You vs. Wild: Out Cold is rated TV-G, your child might need to be a bit older than the vague “7 and up” range to enjoy Bear’s latest adventures.

Still, the survival show is appropriate for most ages, which allows viewers to choose to have Bear eat bugs, among other things.

The premise for You vs. Wild: Out Cold is that Bear finds himself stuck in icy mountains after a fictional plane crash. Lost and with amnesia clouding his memory, the British adventurer has to find a way to save himself and the pilot from the harsh conditions.

Luckily, he has trusty viewers at home to help him along the way.

Using your remote, you get to choose what Bear does at every step of the way. Say there’s a stream he has to cross. You choose from two options to decide how he does it.

What will Bear eat? If there are some slimy slugs for sustenance, you may get the chance to choose to have Bear scarf them down.


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