‘Outdaughtered’ Adam Busby’s Latest Vacay Not Like The Others

If there’s one thing the Busbys are known for besides being the stars of OutDaughtered, it’s that they take a lot of vacations. Fans have given Danielle Busby some flack about it in the past. Many people don’t like how she always says the vacation is “much needed” when it seems like they’ve just returned from a vacation. While it’s not uncommon for Danielle and Adam to sneak away from the girls from time to time, some may find it odd that Adam goes on vacation by himself. Keep reading to find out more.

OutDaughtered star Adam Busby hangs out with like-minded men

Adam Busby takes to Instagram to share a photo about something that seems so near and dear to his heart. He explains that he gets to meet with a “Godly group of entrepreneurs/fathers.” From the sounds of his caption, this getaway is a retreat for the men to bounce ideas off of each other. He writes, “We get to bounce off ideas/lessons learned in marriage/fathering/business.”

Consequently, Adam doesn’t seem to take this opportunity for granted. Adam writes, “The impact of these men in my life is invaluable.” Additionally, Adam notes in the caption that this photo doesn’t include everyone that attended the retreat. “Grateful for this time and wish that we had taken this photo a little earlier so that everyone could be in it,” concludes Adam.

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Dad’s need time for themselves too

The comment section of this post is full of positivity. Several fans note that Adam was close to them. The retreat took place at Estes Park, Colorado according to the geotag on the photo Adam shares. Estes Park is located in northern Colorado. The town is at the base of the Rocky Mountain National Park which is home to an abundance of wildlife.

One comment makes a very valid point about Adam’s trip. The fan writes the following:

 We talk so much about moms taking a break (myself inluded). But, seeing fathers come together is equally uplifting! So happy to see you had a chance to recharge and take a few days for yourself! Your family will reap the benefits!”

OutDaughtered Adam Busby vacation
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What do you think about Adam Busby going on a trip without his family? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.


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