‘OutDaughtered:’ Adam Shares How Busby Quints Tell Lunchboxes Apart

Going back to school with not one but six daughters should have Adam Busby’s head spinning. Over the years it seems he and his wife Danielle Busby have figured things out. That includes knowing how to tell their children’s things apart. Fans of Outdaughtered know all of the girls have their own distinctive personalities that come out more as they grow older.

Lately, the Busbys have been sharing back-to-school pictures of their quints and older daughter Blayke. On one picture Adam said, “Happy First Day of School to my 6 little princesses. Man these girls are growing way too fast! Can’t wait to hear all about their day!” The girls all wore big bows in their hair with dresses and white tennis shoes. As a fan points out their paisley and floral bags are from Vera Bradley. They look very excited about their first day of school this year because they are all smiling.

Danielle shared an adorable picture of her girls at the spa. She treated them before they had to go back because it was their last summer day. She said, “We go back to waking up to alarms in the morning as we get back to our school routine tomorrow.” She went on to say she wanted to spend the day doing something fun.  They got, “manis, pedis, facials, and lemonade.” Lemonade, because it’s a spa specifically for kids.

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What Did Fans Post On Adam Busby’s Instagram?

Fans reacted to the cute picture Adam Busby shared. One fan wanted to know how he told their lunch boxes apart. They said, “They look too close in color. How will you and Danielle remember which one is which?” Adam replied and said the girls know which lunchbox and backpacks they picked out. Plus, they have name tags on them.

Credit: Adam Busby Instagram
Credit: Adam Busby Instagram

Fans had some other questions on Adam Busby’s post. They were mostly answered by other fans. They wanted to know what grade the girls were in. A fan answered they were going to 5th and 1st. Another asked, “Will any of the quints be in the same class, or are they all separated?”A fan said three are in one class and two are in another.

Credit: Adam Busby Instagram
Credit: Adam Busby Instagram

One commenter asked what Adam and Danielle were going to do all day. Someone let that person know they both have jobs. One Saturday after the first week passed, they posted another cute pic of the girls holding up one finger. They said, “These quints made it through their first week of 1st Grade and LOVED IT! They were actually sad today was Saturday.”

Can you believe the quints are already old enough to go to first grade? Comment with all your thoughts below.

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