‘OutDaughtered’: Hazel Busby Helps Adam Get Dressed: See Sweet Video

OutDaughtered mom Danielle Busby found little Hazel in daddy’s side of the closet early this morning. Hazel Busby was still in her pajamas, so fans assume she hadn’t been awake for too long. Mama Busby’s voice still sounded a little groggy in the background, so fans assume the same was true of Danielle. After hitting record, Danielle asked her beautiful little girl what she was doing in daddy’s side of the closet.

Why is Hazel Busby in Adam’s closet?

Danielle Busby is left scratching her head this morning as she catches Hazel in daddy’s closet. What is she doing in there? More importantly, why is she holding a pair of daddy’s pants? Seeking answers, the OutDaughtered mama asks the quint what she’s doing in the closet.

Hazel Busby explains she’s just helping her daddy out this morning. Turns out, she was in the closet because she was picking out an outfit for Adam to wear together. She picked out a pair of light tattered blue jeans and a maroon-colored t-shirt.

The video featured a little Hazel Busby beaming with joy. She was clearly very proud of herself for picking out an outfit for daddy to wear.

Hazel Busby - stories

Danielle Busby included a little feature for fans to vote whether or not they thought Adam would actually wear the outfit Hazel picked out for him. The vast majority that voted in favor of Adam wearing the outfit Hazel picked out.

Check out the sweet video

Now, the video was uploaded to Danielle Busby’s Instagram Stories. So, it will expire. But, you can check it out in the tweet down below.

The video clip above features Hazel standing on her father’s side of the closet. An array of his clothing can be seen on hangers beside her. There is also a mountain of shoes on the other side. Those who follow Adam on Instagram aren’t too surprised to see a mountain of shoes in his closet. He’s made it very clear he’s obsessed with shoes.

Hazel Busby - Adam Busby Instagram
Hazel Busby – Adam Busby Instagram

Do you think Adam Busby will wear the outfit Hazel picked out for him this morning? Or, do you think he is going to break her little heart and wear something else? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Busby family.

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