‘OutDaughtered’ Hazel Busby Relaxes In The Couch Crack [See Photo]

OutDaughtered fans can’t seem to get enough of the red-headed Busby quint, Hazel. Since the beginning, they have been following along as Hazel has to go to a lot of eye appointments. Hazel has nystagmus which causes her eyes to move involuntarily. Surely, wanting Hazel to be healthy is what causes a lot of fans to have a place for her in their hearts. However, her nystagmus doesn’t keep her from being a normal six-year-old kid. With that in mind, she finds the strangest place to relax.

Where does OutDaughtered star Hazel Busby relax in a busy house?

With five sisters and two dogs running around, it’s not hard to imagine that there aren’t many places you can go to get away. Likely, there is always a lot of hustle and bustle going on at the Busby house. However, it looks like Hazel Busby has made the most of her situation. Recently, Danielle Busby takes to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of where she found Hazel Basil relaxing- the couch crack.

In the photo, it looks like Hazel is wearing her pj’s. The red-headed quint is smiling from ear to ear with her hands between her head. In this photo, Hazel looks proud of herself and tremendously happy. Danielle captions the photo with, “Sometimes they find the strangest places to relax.” From the looks of it, Hazel is in the couch crack- the space between the back cushions and the back of the couch.

Instagram Adam Busby

Fans react to Danielle Busby’s Instagram Posts

After Danielle shares the photo on her Stories, it is later found on a Hazel Busby fanpage. In the comment section, there is nothing but love for Hazel. At the time of this writing, the photo has been up for eight hours and already has 660 likes. One fan points out that Hazel is relaxing “like my little cat.”

OutDaughtere Hazel Busby relaxes
Instagram Danielle Busby

The last time Danielle post about Hazel is when Adam had to take her to Austin for an eye appointment. Hazel is dolled up in an animal print romper with a matching hunter green bow. Just like every other photo of Hazel, everyone shares their admiration for her in the comment section.

OutDaughtered Hazel Busby relaxes
Instagram Danielle Busby

What do you think about where Hazel Busby chooses to relax? Have you ever found your kids chilling in unusual places? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.


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