‘OutDaughtered:’ Riley Busby Purposely Creates Big, Beautiful Dimples

OutDaughtered fans think Riley Busby and all of her sisters are absolutely adorable. Fans enjoy following Adam and Danielle Busby on social media to see the latest photos and videos of the girls. The parents share lots of updates so fans can stay in the loop.

But one thing fans especially love is Riley’s dimples. They think they are too cute, and they love when her dimples show when she smiles for the camera.

Danielle Busby Instagram

Danielle recently let fans in on a little secret about her daughter’s dimples, though. In a new social media post, Danielle shows off Riley’s addition to “Selfie Sunday.” The mom calls her a “phone snatcher.” Of course, her gorgeous dimples are showing in the pictures she took on her mom’s phone.

In response, fans are freaking out over how beautiful Riley is. They love the new pictures she took. One of Danielle’s followers points out how big Riley has gotten, too. She’s definitely growing up quickly.

One fan writes, “Danielle, little Miss Riley is your mini-me in this pic. So adorable. Man they’re getting big so fast.”

OutDaughtered star Riley Busby knows how to create dimples on purpose.

Danielle made a surprising reveal on social media when sharing the new selfies Riley took. She reveals that Riley doesn’t typically have dimples when she smiles. The 6-year-old goes out of her way to create them.

Danielle Busby Instagram

On Danielle’s post, one fan commented, “That dimple 😍” In response, Danielle wrote, “It’s funny bc she has learned how to smile big just to make that cute dimple lol.” As of right now, her comment received 52 likes.

So, it looks like fans aren’t the only ones who love Riley’s dimples. She seems to like making them visible in pictures too. It doesn’t look like Riley is going to stop showing off her sweet smile and beautiful dimples in photos.  If she’s eager to make them appear, she must be pretty happy about them.

Danielle Busby Instagram

Fans hope to see more selfies from Riley and her sisters as they continue to grow up. Since they’ve grown up on TV, they don’t seem to be afraid of the camera. So, fans can expect to see updates about the kids soon enough.

So, what do you think of OutDaughtered star Riley Busby’s cute dimples? Did you know she purposely creates them? Let us know in the comments below.

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