‘OutDaughtered’ Twins Olivia & Ava Busby Get Drastic Different Haircuts 

OutDaughtered twins Ava and Olivia Busby decided to get drastically different back-to-school haircuts. Ava surprised everyone when she revealed she wanted to get a REALLY short haircut. Adam Busby admitted he didn’t have authority to approve a haircut that short without getting Danielle’s permission. On her own Instagram Stories, Danielle admitted she was nervous learning some of the girls wanted short haircuts. So, she rushed to the hair salon to take over.

Things got a little weird when she admitted she made it all the way to the doctor before realizing she forgot to wear deodorant. She planned to go back home to get some after her appointment, but she was so worried about the haircuts she just stopped and bought some on her way to the salon.

Danielle takes over and Adam leaves the salon

Danielle arrives and comes face-to-face with Hazel’s new look. As we previously reported, Hazel Busby said goodbye to those long red curls. Blayke loved the idea of her sister getting short hair. But, she wasn’t sure about kissing the curls goodbye. Danielle seemed to echo this opinion. The OutDaughtered mother actually asked the stylist if the hair would still curl. The stylist reassured Danielle it was just temporary.

Now, Danielle explained on her Instagram stories that Adam had to go take care of a few things. So, she took over and they switched vehicles. She stuck around to get the rest of the girls’ haircuts. On her Instagram Stories, she later reveals Adam hadn’t gotten to see what Ava ended up doing with her hair. So, Adam got into the Busby bus and they filmed a big reveal.

Danielle Busby Instagram
Danielle Busby Instagram

Adam reacts to Ava’s short and curly hair as any supportive father would. He loved it. Some of Ava’s sisters were pretty shocked. Especially Riley who Danielle took a snapshot of freaking out when she saw Ava’s short hair.

Adam compares Busby twins Ava and Olivia’s hair

After reacting to Ava’s short hair, he admits he wants to see the Busby twins stand next to each other. Once Adam gets a look at Ava and Olivia together, he notices just how drastically different their haircuts look. Danielle adds that she believes the Busby twins cut their hair so differently so they were easier to tell apart. Avan and Olivia insist that just got the haircuts they wanted and looking different had nothing to do with it.

Outdaughtered - Olivia - Ava - Busby
Outdaughtered – Olivia – Ava – Busby

Danielle Busby took to Instagram to show off Ava’s drastic new look. She jested in the comments now fans should have no trouble telling the Busby twins apart.

The OutDaughtered mom penned: “We have had one eventful busy FRIDAY! One exciting thing we did today was haircuts And can we just talk about how stinking adorable Ava Lane’s cut is! First big cut for her! Cut like 7inches off!” Check out Ava Busby’s short and curly haircut down below. 

Ava Lane Busby OutDaughtered

Are you surprised Adam and Danielle let the Busby twins get such different haircuts? Are you surprised Ava Lane Busby opted for a haircut so much shorter than Olivia? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Busby family.

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