Outlander fans mystified by what is in Sam Heughan’s cup as he poses on new thriller set

Outlander fans have admitted they are mystified by what was in Sam Heughan’s cup as he posed on his new thriller set.

Actor Sam, who is currently filming new Channel 4 series Suspect alongside James Nesbitt, Sex Education’s Anne-Marie Duff, and Loki’s Richard E. Grant has been doing night shoots on location.

Sam was announced to play Ryan, the godfather of lead actress Christina (Imogen King) in the new thriller about a girl who is found dead by her detective father.

Fans were intrigued by what was in Sam Heughan’s cup

In the show, detective Danny played by James Nesbitt, turns up at the hospital mortuary for a routine ID check and is devastated when the corpse turns out to be Christina.

Although the show will provide plenty of mystery, the question on everyone’s lips was what Sam was drinking.

One fan asked: “What on earth is in that cup?? Looks green”

Another commented: “I mean HOW can you Sam Heughan look soo fresh after Nightshoots??? Is it the Tea Sir??…If jes, please i want to know what kind of tea is this?”

An observant fan announced: “My eagle eye spots something green in the mug (green tea?) and some make-up smudges on your hand…acquired in the act of the crime? I think I am onto something!”

Another asked: “But what is that intriguing green beverage?”

And someone else noted: “Looking a bit wired!!!”

Some of the suggestions were “matcha” or “Magic Tea”


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