Outlander’s Sam Heughan says he has to lose weight and get wiry for new role

Outlander’sSam Heughan has admitted he needs to lose weight and get wiry for his new role in the Everest movie.

Sam, who is playing Australian climber George Finch for the new film about the climbing expedition of 1922, told astounded fans he’s need to lose some timber for the new role.

He said: “I’m going to go shoot Everest and I’ve been doing some climbing preparation, climbing walls and also outdoors and also I need to lose a bit of weight.

He told the audience at Wizard World Chicago: “So the character I’m playing is George Finch, an Australian climber, and I won’t do the accent just yet. It’ll put you off.

“He is so slim and so wiry so I think I need to lean down for that but it’s been so fun doing the climbing stuff.

“It’s awesome and you have to be very flexible very strong so I’m neither of those things. Plenty to prep on.”

Asked who he would like to have round his dining table alive or dead, Sam also revealed his ideal guests.

Taking the mickey out of his friend William Shatner, Sam joked: “I don’t know if you all saw Shatner went into space, it wouldn’t be him.”

He added: “I kind of like Elon Musk because he’s weird and interesting so he’s be kind of fun to talk to and I’d just ask him questions about space and Tesla.

“And maybe someone from history like Rob Roy who is a Scottish hero to us and ask what it was really like, whether we were accurate in Outlander or not.”


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