Overconfident father-to-be tried to prove that pregnancy was easy. It didn't go well.

A series of funny videos by TikTokker Maitland Hanley from Brisbane, Australia, prove that fathers need to be a lot more appreciative of the women who carry their children. Maitland’s partner, Jessica, was pregnant with his child so to prove that being pregnant wasn’t that hard he filmed himself doing routine tasks in a pregnancy suit.

To create his new body he attached a large watermelon to his belly and two smaller ones to his chest to make it look like he had enlarged breasts. To hold it all together he used a ton of plastic wrap.

Things got off to a really bad start for Maitland. On his first day as a pregnant person, he couldn’t even make it out of bed. He tries to sweep his legs around to get off the mattress but can’t even make it up because his belly is too cumbersome.

Just imagine if that was a real child in his belly, it’d be born dizzy. At the end of the video he admits, “I thought it would be so much easier.”


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On his second day with child, Maitland has a seriously difficult time trying to get up off the floor.


Man being pregnant for the day pt.2 #watermelonchallenge #watermelonbaby #pregnantbelly #pregnantman #fyp

On day three he learns where the phrase “barefoot and pregnant” comes from when he can’t manage to put on his shoes.


Man being pregnant for a day pt.3 😂 #watermelonchallenge #watermelonbaby #pregnantbelly #pregnantman #fyp

Maitland is going to need a lot of help getting out of the tub.


Man tries getting out of bath while pregnant 😂 #fyp #watermelonchallenge #pregnantbelly #bathtok #pregnantman

The one thing Maitland is good at doing while pregnant is satisfying his pregnancy cravings. Here he picks something up at McDonald’s to feed himself and his baby. We’re not sure what he bought at Mickey D’s, but if he was really pregnant he would have asked for ice cream with pickles.


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There’s no way he’s making it out of this car.


You Will Laugh At This 😂 #fyp #watermelonchallenge #pregnantbelly #pregnantman #watermelonbaby

Maitland is clearly playing his fake pregnancy for laughs but the videos highlight something we should all remember. Partners of pregnant people should be grateful for all they do to bring a life into this world. As Maitland can tell you, being pregnant is no joke.

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