Page 3 stars share reality behind glam photoshoots – from sore knees to awkward posing

Page 3 girls have dished behind the scenes secrets.

Jess, Daisy and Chloe revealed photoshoots aren’t always as glamorous as they appear to fans.

During our Hot Topics Facebook Live panel, the Daily Star models admitted posing can be a bit uncomfortable.

As holiday shots are taken in a studio at the moment, the ladies have to go all-out to make the images look authentic.

This week, Jess even braved laying on sandpaper in order to achieve the perfect “beach” photo.

She explained: “It’s basically a sandpaper board we have to lay on when we’re doing horizontal pictures for sand-type images.”

Jess behind the scenes on a Page 3 photoshoot this week
(Image: Instagram)


She added: “Then it’s just easier to edit because we take all the pictures in the studio.

“But imagine you’re kneeling on sandpaper that has little bits of grit and gravel on it.

“We had to put little makeup pads on my knees because I was like ‘owww!’”

Daisy could relate to Jess’ photoshoot struggles.

She chimed in: “I had the same experience a few weeks ago – it’s killer.”

Daisy had to balance on a medicine ball to achieve this shot!


Daisy added: “They’re like turn to the left, turn to the right, and you’re like ‘My kneecaps! I’ve got skin on my kneecaps!”

It’s not the only time the Essex lass has had to get creative on set.

She said: “I had one once before when I had to kneel on a medicine ball – you know what pregnant women bounce on.

“I had to kneel on the ball and lean forward to make it look like I was climbing out of a swimming pool.

“So balance on my knees and then pose for a photo. That wasn’t fun!”

Chloe admitted Page 3 photoshoots can feel like a workout in the gym!

Chloe joked that she never has to work out after doing a photoshoot.

She laughed: “It’s like a gym session isn’t it! It was killing me, my knees, the angles, oh no!”

Back in March, our Page 3 girls shared more behind the scenes secrets.

Love Islander Shannon Singh, known as Ruby when she is splashed across the Daily Star, revealed she used to drive down from Scotland for the shoots.

Her mum used to do the long journey with her down to London and she’d have to shower after arriving at the studio.

Shannon AKA Ruby has also had to lie on a sandpaper board to pull off sexy beach shots

Shannon said: “You actually turn up to a house, it’s actually a cute little apartment.

“You come in, you’ve got the makeup room, you’ve got the room where you can chill – because my mum used to always come with me – and you can shower and go upstairs to the kitchen.”

While the girls admit shoots can be very “unglamorous” at times, they enjoy being in front of the camera.

Jess added: “It’s good, it’s quick. You don’t spend much time there – you’re in and out.”

And Daisy joked: “The only thing that does stress me out is parking before I get there!”

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