Paige Turley teases new TV show and says filming it was a ‘rollercoaster of emotions’

Paige Turley has hinted that she has her own TV show lined up but says her lips are sealed for now.

The Love Island winner and her boyfriend Finn Tapp told fans that they have been filming something but it will be under wraps until next year.

During a Instagram Q&A, one fan asked Paige what the two had been filming, and while Paige, from West Lothian, didn’t reveal all details, she did say that the experience was a ‘rollercoaster of emotion’.

She said: “As much as I would love to spill the beans, I can’t just yet. However, you will see it in January!! It was soooo much fun… a rollercoaster of emotions at times!!

She added: “But we met the loveliest people & I can’t wait for you to see it.”

It’s uncertain what exactly it is Paige and Finn have been filming but we will need to wait until January to find out.

Also in Paige’s Q&A one fan asked: “How often do you get comments on your accent? I love being Scottish in England.”

Paige said they have been filming something exciting.

And Paige replied: “Literally every day…Phone calls are the hardest if someone isn’t used to the accent n don’t think they appreciate when I make the phonetic alphabet up… S for Stupit.”

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Paige and Finn left the South African Love Island villa in March 2020, after being crowned the winners.

Shortly after that, the UK went into a lockdown and Finn made the six hour drive from Milton Keynes to Fauldhouse to self-isolate with his girlfriend before restrictions were put in place.

Paige also said having a Scottish accent in England is hard.

During this time, Finn was even branded an ‘ honorary Scot ‘ as he sipped on Buckfast and Dragon Soop.

When they were in lockdown in Scotland, the pair treated fans to insights into how they spent their time, including walking in the country with Paige’s pooch, Kev, and loads of video chats with pals.

After spending the majority of lockdown in Scotland, Paige and Finn decided last year to move to Manchester, where they have remained ever since.

Paige is now focusing on her singing and Finn is focusing on a golfing career.
Paige and Finn

During her Q&A, Paige also revealed that she tries to go home to Scotland at least once a month because she misses her friends, family and dog.

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