Painting pig’s artwork sells for record £20,000

A painting pig’s latest piece of art has sold for £20,000.

A pig

The porky painter, which has been nicknamed Pigcasso, has created a piece of artwork on a canvas using her snout.

Within 72 hours of Wild and Free’s release, Peter Esser paid the hefty sum for the “profound” work – smashing the previous animal art record of £14,400.

The piece is one of over 400 paintings from Pigcasso since he was saved from the slaughterhouse by owner Joanne Lefson.

She told The Sun newspaper: “It’s not just a visually striking and beautiful painting — it’s a profound moment for Pigcasso, and for farm animals.

“You can’t look at it and not place greater value on their intelligence, individual and creativity.”

Lefson added: “I wanted to have Pigcasso create something that had never been done before.

“An oversized, larger-than-life canvas that could challenge the intrinsic value of an artwork created by an animal.”


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