Palace ‘tried to discredit Meghan with bullying claims’ says source


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex both signed the letter, in which they admit they had been left “speechless”, with their signatures – and eagle eyed royal fans may have noticed a difference in Meg’s penmanship.

According to handwriting analyst Tracey Trussell her changing style reveals a lot about Meghan’s personality.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital, Tracey reveals the meaning behind Meg’s scrawl from a desire to be genuine to her ‘manipulative’ side.

Analysing her latest signature Tracey says: “Here Meghan is careful not to make her name larger than Harry’s – whether that’s by design or unintentional, we can’t know, but it means she’s trying not to overshadow her husband.  She’s happy to share an equal platform with him.  

“We’ve got some mixed messages going on here.  The paradox is that she wants you to believe her intentions are altruistic and humanitarian (under magnification the long downstroke stem of the letter ‘g’ flicks to the right), but the much more closely spaced letters (in her name) and the long extended end stroke are both effective ways of keeping people at arm’s length and not letting anyone get too close.  

“This is a defensive gesture designed to ward off people or danger. It seems she gives with one hand and takes with the other.”

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