Paraplegic kitten saved by rescuer who refused to put her down now whizzes around home

Everyone is a sucker for a cute dog video.

However this time, a cute kitten has touched our hearts.

TikTok user @josiecarter36 shared a clip of her paraplegic kitten called “Lil Meow ” that has now gone viral on the social media app.

The cat owner added text to the video that explained: “My kitten is paralysed, only her front legs work, but that doesn’t stop her.”

Amazingly, the kitten is seen using its front legs to pull the rest of its body across the floor in top speed to reach its food bowl.

The furry pet whizzes so fast across the vinyl flooring some people have compared the cat to “Usain Bolt”.

This speedy kitten doesn’t let its disability slow it down

Josie captioned the video: “I love my paraplegic baby.”

The viral kitty clip has racked up 17 million views and has garnered more than 3 million likes.

People quickly took to the comment section to share their love for the super speedy cat.

One person commented: “She moves faster than cats with 4 working legs.”

Whilst someone else added: “I just know those are 2 strong paws”

A third person said: “Poor baby, what a happy spirit.”

Another user pointed out: “Omg you can never have carpets but she’s so cute.”

Josie commented on the video: “I feel I did make the right decision to not put this baby down!”

Go Lil Meow!

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