Parents attacked over colour of newborn son’s skin

Marcos and Debora Davis have been targeted by cruel trolls who made nasty comments about the colour of their newborn son’s skin colour.

A furious couple has slammed sick trolls who claimed their newborn son was not theirs because his skin colour is “too light.’’

Dad Marcos Davis, 30, was left devastated when he received offensive comments after sharing a picture of himself, his wife Debora and his newborn son Noah at the maternity ward.

Some users commented on the baby’s skin colour, others claimed there was a mix-up with another baby at the hospital, with one stating “It is not possible for black parents to have white children.”

The happy dad was initially thrilled to share the news of his son’s birth on August 19, in Goiânia, Brazil, reports G1.

But he was left furious when social media users questioned he is the baby’s real father and hit back at the trolls by sharing an updated post on Instagram.

“We didn’t imagine going through this, but unfortunately we are speaking out with a broken heart to expose a very unpleasant situation that is happening to us,” he wrote.

“On Thursday 19/08 our son was born and we made a post on our feed to share his arrival.

“We’ve been getting some offensive comments in the post and sarcastic private messages.’’

The dad continued by explaining he has been married to his wife for seven years and that she is his only wife as he is her only husband.

He said that he was present at all procedures since the baby’s birth, from entering the maternity ward until discharge.

He added that based on genetics it is not impossible for black parents to have children with lighter skin.

“We didn’t want to expose ourselves and expose our son that way.

“But this is unacceptable, it is disrespectful, it is inhumane,” he concluded.

“If you lack empathy, at least have respect for other people’s lives and families.

“Don’t use your hands, your fingers and your mouth to hurt, to attack others through ridiculous remarks like these.

“Whether you are white, black, brown, whether your eyes are blue, green, light brown or dark is not your problem.

“We are not the ones who define this.’’

The dad added he chose not to file any complaints about the attacks but that he may change his mind if they continue.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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