Parents baffled by ‘confusing’ symbol on alphabet rug

THE alphabet is one of the first things kids are taught in school – and just in case they have difficulty remembering it all, teachers quite often sneak in clues in the form of posters, flash cards and themed carpets.

That said, one letter rug has become more of a hindrance than a help after baffling parents of Reddit.


Can YOU figure out what the ‘U’ illustration is?Credit: Reddit

Posting on the “Mildy Infuriating” forum, one confused user shared a photo of the mat in their child’s school.

At first glance, it all seemed pretty normal and each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding illustration – such as A for alligator and B for bear.

However, it was the ‘U’ section of the letter rug that really got parents talking.

Inviting other parents to put in a guess, the Reddit user asked: “What’s the ‘U’ on this kids carpet??”


Needless to say, the illustration left others equally confused – with many questioning if it was supposed to be a virus or droplet.

“UNKNOWN,” one joked.

Another questioned: “Uh oh? Like an accident?”

Meanwhile, a third suggested: “UV rays?”

After racking up almost 3,800 comments, the majority of users concluded that it’s got to be a sea urchin.

“It’s a badly drawn urchin,” a fourth asserted.

Once they’d figured out what it is, a fifth confessed: “It took me like 10 seconds to get this…”

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