Parents Forbade Young Priscilla Presley to Be With Elvis who Felt Pressured and ‘Trained’ Her to Become His Perfect Wife.

Elvis Presley was undoubtedly the ruler of the mid 20th century and, as a result, was every woman’s dream. Shockingly, the singer fell in love with a teenager while he was a global superstar.

It would be rare to mention iconic singers without naming the likes of Prince, Michael Jackson, and Elvis Presley. Before Prince and Jackson ever tasted the limelight, Presley was already labeled the “King of Rock n Roll.”

Presley would go on to dominate the music scene until his death in the 70s, but before then, he was notable for many things, including his love for women and the many relationships that marked his life.

One of his longest relationships and the only relationship to have made him a father was the one he had with a young teenager, Priscilla, who he met while he was 24 and she was only 14.

Being a superstar, Presley only had to snap his fingers to beckon on any woman of his dreams, and as it were, he was never short of options as several women dreamed of the chance to become known as “Presley’s woman.”

Presley shocked the world when he fell in love with a girl ten years his junior who was only just beginning her journey into the world of adolescence while Presley was already notorious for his charms.

The duo met while Presley was stationed in Germany, where he served, and Priscilla lived with her parents in Germany. Upon meeting, the attraction was intense and almost a story of love at first sight.

Priscilla’s stepfather was in the US Airforce, and she spent her early years traveling with him around the world, wherever he was posted. At first, she was reluctant to go to Germany, but meeting Presley made everything seem better.

When Presley and the US army traveled to Germany, he was introduced to the fresh-faced teenager by another officer, but the 14-year-old Priscilla was shy about meeting Presley, who was her music icon.

When they first met, a blushing Priscilla refused to reply to Presley’s question of what grade she was in as she did not want to give herself away like a schoolgirl or too young to be taken seriously. However, unknown to her, even though Presley was famous, he had plenty of room for her in his heart.

Although she was excited to see her hero, Priscilla cooked up a strong face and tried not to show her delight. However, this was enough to make an impression on the superstar who decided to make a move on the shy teen.

The less attention she gave him, the more he tried to impress her, and this was more than magical for her to imagine; the biggest star in the world was trying to impress a ninth-grader.

When Presley was about to board a plane to leave Germany, he had a special farewell with Priscilla, and it was clear to all that the innocent teen had captured the heart of a man who was every woman’s dream.

Presley and Priscilla continued to communicate via letters, and the singer at the time had a girlfriend in the US, Anita, who waited for him while he was away with the army.

According to Anita, Presley had promised to marry her, gave her a ring and a car, and asked her to promise to wait for him. In the end, it was the “Can’t Help Falling in Love” star that betrayed her trust.

When Presley returned to the US, he continued dating Anita, and at the time, she heard rumors of his affair with a certain young girl, but the singer dismissed it as nothing, noting she was only a young fan.

Finally, Anita found proof after two years and confronted Presley; she found one of Priscilla’s love letters to him, which was wrapped in a pink envelope.

Presley was mad that Anita had found the letter and reportedly shoved her to the closet and later begged her not to let anyone know of their affair, stating that it would ruin his career.


Presley would later choose Priscilla over Anita, but in the eight years he courted his young lover, he was in a constant battle with her parents, who constantly opposed their relationship and tried severally to stop them from seeing.

After their first meeting, Presley requested to meet the teen again, but her father refused as he was bothered over why the singer would want to meet with his daughter a second time.

He asked Priscilla for details of their first night and wanted to meet with Presley himself. Surprisingly, the King of Rock and Roll visited the family in his full army uniform and won everyone over.

Priscilla was so madly in love with Presley that she played his song to her unconscious mother, who was at the time on the verge of dying. Her joy was boundless when she finally married the singer, and they welcomed their only child, Lisa Marie, a year later.

Motherhood put a halt in Presley’s romance with Priscilla. The singer struggled to be intimate with the new mom stating that he found it weird to be with a mother, which triggered a series of unfaithfulness from both parties.

Lisa would go on to be adored by both her father and mother even though her parents later got divorced. She shared a good relationship with them and was later introduced by her father to Michael Jackson, who she later married.

Her marriage to Jackson produced no children, but it was her first marriage to her husband Danny Keough that made her a mother for the first time. The duo welcomed two children, of which their son Benjamin passed last year.

Lisa shares twin daughters with her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, who she married in 2006. The singer enjoys a blended family, but most importantly, she enjoys the honor of preserving the Presley legacy.


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