Parents of Brian Laundrie Can’t Be Arrested for Not Cooperating With Police, Lawyer Says

Christopher and Roberta Laundrie, the parents of Brian Laundrie, who has been tagged as a person of interest in the murder of Gabby Petito, aren’t likely going to be arrested despite not cooperating with the police in their investigations, a criminal lawyer said.

Ajay Pallegar, an expert in criminal defense, told Fox News that there is no other evidence to arrest Christopher and Roberta. It would be hard for the authorities to file charges against the parents since they haven’t done anything criminal.

However, Pallegar, who is not part of the Petito case, said that if the authorities could discover evidence that they hid a weapon or participated in a cover-up, they may be charged as an accomplice. Only, the investigators have yet to find this evidence, including the whereabouts of their son, Brian, whom they said hasn’t been home since September 14.

Brian told his parents that he would be going to a nearby reserve in their Florida hometown after a missing person’s report was filed for his girlfriend, Petito. The 22-year-old woman’s parents believed that the Laundries knew what happened to their daughter, whose body was discovered at the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming nearly ten days after her disappearance.

Petito was last seen with her boyfriend as they went on a cross-country trip over the summer.

Summoned to a Grand Jury Trial

Frank Figliuzzi, who used to work for the FBI, predicted that if Christopher and Roberta aren’t arrested, they could be summoned to a grand jury trial. Speaking with CNBC, the expert also said that the parents could be charged with obstruction of justice or contempt in court if they will still not cooperate during the trial.

As of September 24, the FBI filed an indictment for Brian after discovering that he allegedly used Petito’s credit cards after his girlfriend’s death. This indictment will pave the way for his arrest to find more evidence that could link him to Petito’s murder.

Following Brian’s federal warrant of arrest, undercover agents have reportedly been shadowing Christopher and Roberta in Florida as they met with New York lawyer Steve Bertolino. The lawyer confirmed to the press that he was with Laundrie’s parents for an hour.

Former FBI agents said that the authorities have been finding a reason to hold Brian in custody. With a federal warrant of arrest, any law enforcement nationwide has the authority to bring Brian to the police for an investigation.

Concern for Their Son

Meanwhile, Brian’s parents are concerned that their son might have hurt himself since he hasn’t returned home. According to the family’s lawyer, they have talked to the FBI about finding their son, who left home without his cellphone or his wallet.

As the Laundrie family’s search continues, Petito’s dad, Joe Petito, posted on Twitter that a memorial service for his daughter will take place in Holbrook on Sunday, September 26.


Brian and Gabby were dating for at least two years and got engaged in July 2020. According to her mother, Nichole Schmidt, the pair met in high school and decided to live together in the Laundrie family home over a year ago.

However, Schmidt believes that Brian and Gabby called off their engagement just before their summer trip. Schmidt said she tried to reach out to Brian and his mother when her daughter went missing, but they ignored her. Lawyers of the Laundrie family said they would only speak through their attorneys.

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