Parents Watch Child Get Run Over By Combine Harvester While Making Miraculous Escape


If you’re eating your lunch, prepare for your sandwich to fall from your mouth. Video footage has emerged of the moment a young boy gets run over by a combine harvester.

Halloween doesn’t need to come this year, because this incident is horrifying enough as it is.

The incident occurred in eastern China, in a city called Bozhou, and saw a boy being mown down by a combine harvester as he ran across a road in the Anhui Provence, his parents watching in dread from the other side.

Boy Knocked Down By Combine Harvester (AsiaWire)AsiaWire

Due to a large vehicle being parked on the side of the road the boy is running from, the young child doesn’t see the combine harvester which is coming steaming down the street.

Like when Anne Hathaway came to a brutal end in One Day, this young boy comes into a similar altercation with the farming vehicle.

The sharp pincers of the combine harvester come pacing towards the boy and in a matter of seconds, he is hit and submerged under the vehicle.

Warning, this footage contains distressing scenes:

However, despite the sheer trauma of the moment, the boy then pops up from underneath the harvester once it goes over him, seemingly unharmed.

He gets up, before bursting into tears upon being picked up by his parents, but appears miraculously okay, with local media reporting that he escaped unharmed, as per AsiaWire.

It is unclear whether an investigation has been started by police, or if the driver of the combine harvester stopped to check on the young child.

If there was ever more of a lesson to always look before you cross a road then this would definitely be it. This boy is very fortunate to escape what could have been an extremely painful, if not life-ending, accident.


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