Paris Hilton and Fiancé Celebrated Joint Bachelor and Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum are so close to saying “I do” but before the time comes they decided to fly off to Las Vegas, Nevada, for a joint bachelor and bachelorette party.

The happy couple wasn’t alone though, as they made sure to take a large group consisting of close friends and family, such as Nicky Hilton, with them.

In order to celebrate her last days as a single woman, Paris, followed by her entourage arrived at the airport on a private plane and encountered a red Rolls Royce waiting for them.

The luxury car led the fleet of vehicles ready to pick her, Carter, and the party guests up. The group then jumped into a party limo destined to Area 15, just off the Las Vegas Strip.

Paris said that she would probably “be a strict mom.”

Paris, who wore a neon-yellow dress for the occasion, shared a sneak peek of the ride with her millions of fans via Instagram stories. She also rode the zip-line running over the retail and entertainment complex.

Later on, Paris and Carter moved the festivities to Zouk Nightclub where the guests had a set of cardboard cutouts with the faces of the wife and husband-to-be.

While DJ Tiesto turned up the volume in the booth, Paris, who swapped her neon-yellow dress for a shiny pink one, took the time to pose for shots with some of the guests, including her sister.

Aside from a fun and fantastic time partying around Las Vegas, those who were invited to spend the day with Paris and Carter took home a bag of goodies, with the bad reading “Paris & Carter That’s Hot.”

There is still no date for the couple’s wedding day, or at least it hasn’t been publicly revealed, but the 40-year-old socialite is very excited about the big day, as well as becoming a mother.

During an appearance at the “Christmas in September” event, to which she was accompanied by Nicky and their mother, Kathy Hilton, Paris said that she would probably “be a strict mom.”

According to her, she is already worried about the day when her daughter, whom she will name London, will come to her asking to go on a date or a club, to which she will most likely say no.


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