Parrot Flies Away With Mobile Phone; Journey Gets Recorded On Camera: Watch

Parrot took away a man’s phone, and what was even more shocking was that the camera on the mobile was left open, and the entire journey was recorded. Watch.

In a bizarre incident, a parrot took away a mobile phone of a young man, and what was even more shocking was that the camera on the mobile was left open, and the entire journey of the parrot was recorded on it. The video is extensively surfacing on all social media platforms, and the netizens are surprised to see it. The viral video shows a man running behind the parrot and taking a jump to get the phone, but fails because of the speed and height of the parrot. Meanwhile, the camera on the phone remains in recording mode, and the bird captures the view of the entire city as it flies over. However, after taking a big air ride, the bird finally settles on a car roof, where the video ends.

The parrot flies away with a phone; the mobile remains in recording mode.

Once in our lives, we all must have thought about how the world must look from a bird’s eye. However, this desire is now fulfilled for many, thanks to the viral video of the parrot flying away with the phone. The one-minute video of a parrot flying away with the gadget has made users scratch their heads. The undated video has amassed 1 million views since it went online. The video was first shared by a Twitter account named Fred Schultz, and since then, it has attracted mixed reactions from viewers. Some found it as real, while some doubted its authenticity, whereas another group called it animated.

Here’s the video that captivated many:

Netizens react after watching the video

There’s no denying the fact that, even if a drone camera records it, the video is quite captivating. However, when users came across the clip, they shared their opinion on it. One wrote that the parrot should be a filmmaker. While another said, a leading Canadian director is already trying to hire the bird for his next film.

Another user who saw the video said the bird gave us vivid detail about the variety of Indonesian roof tiles. While another person who was too curious to know how the owner got the phone back expressed his disappointment and said, “They always cut those clips too soon.” While another user said the video was “created,” but he liked it though.

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