Parrot Saves Mice from a Man in a Pet Store

One day, a man visited a pet store to buy a bunch of live mice to feed his python. He looked around but couldn’t find any store manager or other staff members to talk to. Suddenly, his attention was diverted. 

He saw a parrot sitting in a cage, chatting and flapping its wings. The man was amazed by the little bird and walked over to closely examine it. But the moment he reached near the cage, he was startled by the parrot’s response.

The parrot was clearly not coming slow! | Photo: Shutterstock

“Your fly is undone,” said the parrot.

The man’s flushed cheeks were so prominent that he thought he’d make a spectacle of himself. He looked around to ensure that nobody was looking at him and then closed his zipper.

“Your pants have a slit back,” remarked the parrot.

Again, the man felt embarrassed and after looking around, he covered his butt with his hand.

“Your shoelaces are untied,” said the parrot, clearly not coming slow.

Following the parrot’s comment, he quickly bent down and tied his shoelaces.

The man was startled by the talking parrot's comments. | Photo: Pixabay

The man was startled by the talking parrot’s comments. | Photo: Pixabay

“Farted! … You little fart,” cried the parrot.

The poor man was so ashamed that he ran straight to the exit door.

Soon afterward, the mice, who were watching the whole scene from their cage, called out to the parrot happily,

“Coco, thank you! You saved our lives again. You know we’ll make it up to you.”

We can’t help but feel for the poor man because he will never come back to the store again! 


In another joke, a magician bought a parrot to help him in one of his magic sequences. After performing with the magician for a few weeks, the parrot started jeering at him during the magic shows.

One day, the magician was performing an act, when suddenly, the parrot started shouting:

“It’s under his hat, it’s up his sleeve, his assistant has it.”

The talking parrot started taunting the magician. | Photo: Pixabay

The talking parrot started taunting the magician. | Photo: Pixabay

The furious magician told the parrot to mend his ways but didn’t chase him away. Days passed and one evening, he was busy performing on a cruise ship when it started sinking.

After a long while, the magician woke up and found himself on a piece of driftwood. When he looked around for his parrot, he was relieved to see it standing on the opposite end.

The magician thought it best not to talk to the parrot because he hadn’t forgotten about its heckling act. The two spent nearly two days floating at sea without talking to each other. Eventually, the parrot broke the awkward silence.

“All right, I give up. Where’s the boat?” cried the parrot.

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