Paulina Decides To Help Johnny, Lands In Trouble?

The latest Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Paulina will soon meet her daughter’s new interest. Yes, we are talking about Johnny DiMera. DOOL spoilers suggest that Paulina will meet Johnny, and she won’t be very comfortable at first. But then, she will come to know about Johnny’s idea to make a movie, and she will find it really interesting.

In fact, spoilers suggest that Paulina might even decide to invest in this movie. If she does this, she will end up making more than one enemy in Salem. What all will happen? Keep reading to find out-

Days of Our Lives: Paulina Is Actively Making Changes

DOOL viewers who have been keeping up with the soap know that Paulina has been actively making changes. She hasn’t been really understanding in the past. So, she is now changing it. The latest spoilers suggest that now she will come to know about her daughter spending time with Johnny, and while she might not like the idea very much, she will try to be understanding. Viewers would recall that when Paulina had flipped out because she didn’t accept Allie, it alienated Chanel. So, Paulina wouldn’t want that again. 

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Paulina will come to know about Chanel’s new boyfriend, and she will act understanding. But, she will want the guy to leave Chanel’s life ASAP. So, she will come up with a plan. Spoilers suggest that Paulina will talk to Johnny, who might tell her about his aspirations to make a movie. Would Paulina decide to finance the movie and send Johnny away from Chanel? It is possible indeed. 

Tension Arises Between Chanel And Paulina?

DOOL viewers would know that while Johnny has all his family here, he has been living in Italy for many years. He has been more than happy to visit his sister and spend time with her. But, if he gets the funds to make the movie, he will be more than happy to leave the town and start working on his dream project.

If this happens, Chanel and Johnny will have to break up, and spoilers suggest that this will cause some issues between Chanel and her mother. She might be furious at why Paulina had to get involved in all of this. 

E.J. Becomes Paulina’s Enemy

Not only Chanel, Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that if Paulina decides to back Johnny’s idea, but she might also make a huge enemy out of E.J. Viewers know that E.J. wants Johnny to work with him in his company. But, if Johnny gets the funding, he will leave, and E.J. won’t like it. So, as suggested by

, it is possible that E.J. might threaten Chanel if Paulina helps Johnny on any level. Will helping Johnny lead Paulina into unexpected trouble? It looks like so.

We will keep passing on all the updates about the soap as it surfaces. So, stay tuned. Days of Our Lives airs on NBC all weekdays. So, make sure you tune in and enjoy. Johnny’s arrival in Salem will create a lot of ripples. We will have to wait to see how things pan out there. 


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