‘Pawn Stars’ Star Rick Harrison Secretly Files For Divorce In Las Vegas

‘Pawn Stars’ star Rick Harrison quietly split from his wife, Deanna, and the couple even secretly filed for divorce last year.

According to new legal documents, Rick filed for dissolution from his wife in Clark County, Nevada on July 1, 2020. The date marks the couple’s split almost seven years after their wedding date.

In the filing, Rick says in the course of the marriage their “tastes, mental dispositions, views, likes, and dislikes have become so divergent that they have become incompatible in marriage.” In other words, there is no way they can get beyond their differences and save the marriage.

‘Pawn Stars’ Star Already Settled The Divorce Case

Deanna responded to the divorce, asking the court to order spousal support paid to her by Harrison. But, as in most celebrity divorces, the couple’s case was negotiated out of court — and the couple finalized a settlement — which was submitted and signed in September of 2020. In most cases, all finances and property, including any kind of lump-sum payment would be negotiated and settled upon during that process.


It should be noted, Rick and Deanna didn’t have any children together. But, Rick became a father figure to Deanna’s three children from a different relationship. “I got three great daughters out of it,” Harrison said following the divorce filing. 

He continued, the marriage “didn’t work out and the divorce was a mutual decision.”

Rick Harrison: The Divorce Was A ‘Mutual Decision’

The divorce announcement comes just a few days before the ‘Pawn Stars’ boys launch a new season of the popular reality show. Co-star Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell opened up about his years on the show, saying, “Honestly, when I look back 13 years ago when this all started, I thought we’d be done by now.

'Pawn Stars' Star Rick Harrison Secretly Files For Divorce

He continued, “I thought, if anything, I would be off doing some dumb show of my own. But we’re still making ‘Pawn Stars,’ and I’m loving it. Every year is better than the year before.”

Interestingly, Chumlee described the kind of television work he thought he might be doing by now but is pumped the crew still puts this hit show together. “I’ve been on the producing side, I thought I had a show that sold that didn’t work out. People like the show as it is,” he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, adding, “I don’t know where a spin-off of me would fit in on History. I don’t think they want me to go anywhere (joking). Plus, who wants to do all that work?”

‘Pawn Stars’ Launches It’s 19TH SEASON!

'Pawn Stars' Star Rick Harrison Secretly Files For Divorce

The good part about starring in a show after over a decade is that the process gets easier. “It’s gotten to be like a well-oiled machine. It’s gotten easier, what used to take us four or five hours, we can do in an hour now. We know what is expected, and that makes it fun,” Chumlee said.

In the end, even though the marriage didn’t last, shockingly, the television show aired its first episode over the weekend in what was the show’s 19TH SEASON! What an incredible run.

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