Pennywise the Clown ‘demon dog’ goes viral after giving neighbours ‘death stare’

A ‘demon dog’ has terrified people online after someone shared a snap of it leaning over a fence and giving its neighbours a fearsome ‘death stare’.

The pooch has been compared to Pennywise the Clown, the haunting character from novel and film IT, after the post went viral on Twitter.

The picture was shared by @thegallowboob along with the caption “Never been more scared of a dog”. It would seem like Twitter users agree, with the post having received nearly 200,000 likes and over 20,000 retweets, reports Wales Online.

People piled in to share their thoughts on the petrifying pup, with some even creating memes of the dog alongside Stephen King’s Pennywise and Michael Jackson in Thriller.

The post has nearly reached 200,00 likes

One Twitter user said “they better cast him in that Cujo remake”, while another said he “straight outta Pet Sematary.”

A third person added that the dog gave them “some real Sweeney Todd vibes”, before saying “I have a feeling that there are a lot of bones lying around that back yard”.

Meanwhile, another user joked: “That dog is plotting how to make your death look like a tragedy while horrifying the entire neighbourhood just to send a message.

Pennywise the Clown ‘demon dog’ goes viral after giving neighbours ‘death stare’
Twitter’s meme creators were on fine form

“It doesn’t want petted, just a whole movie worth of revenge.”

Former professional basketball player and now famous social media influencer Rex Chapman was also stunned by the dog, and simply replied with a stream of laughing emojis.

Over the weekend another dog achieved pet fame for its fascinating appearance, but in a far less terrifying manner.

Teddy, a nine-year-old mix, made headlines for his impressive beard.

Pennywise the Clown ‘demon dog’ goes viral after giving neighbours ‘death stare’
Some tried to explain how it had got that high

Nicola Wilcox, Teddy’s owner and a professional dog groomer, said: “He’s very well known for it. People love him, they look at his beard and say ‘there’s the little dog with the beard’ and they will all stop.

“He’s normally the scruffiest dog, but nobody can walk past him in the street without commenting on him.

“His beard grows really quick but it won’t get any longer than this. It’s almost rubbing on the pavement as he walks.”

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