People are cracking up over how a delivery driver has edited a customer’s body

THERE’S nothing worse than receiving photographic proof you’ve picked up your delivery from your front door.

Your hair is awry, you’re wide-eyed and undoubtedly you have stains all over your top. 


The picture which Chris received
And what the driver cheekily added


And what the driver cheekily added

But now one delivery driver has gone the extra mile – by actually doctoring a bloke’s photo.

The chap, called Chris, received photographic evidence of his delivery from a DoorDash staff member and was stunned (and amused) to see the staff member had made his bum bigger.

“Never using DoorDash again wtf,” he wrote on Twitter.

The driver ‘fessed up, writing: “Made your butt bigger lol”.

People cracked up on Twitter writing: “They gave you Grinch booty.”

Another person said: “Bro doordash always making a fool of me”.

And DoorDash responded very simply with a peach emoji – the universal sign for a bum.

Bravo everyone, bravo.

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