People are fuming over the message on this bathroom ‘mirror’ calling it the most passive aggressive thing ever

THERE are times when you really do need a mirror – and not just for vanity purposes.

We’ve all been caught short with something between our teeth, or smudged make-up down our faces, or a milk moustache.


The Twitter user uploaded the picture with the caption: ‘This would p*** me off.’Credit: Twitter

All of these things need to be address with the help of a mirror to rectify the situation discretely and avoid embarrassment.

However, one place decided that their punters didn’t need to see their reflection, replacing the mirror with a sassy message instead.

Twitter user Hana, who uses the handle uncutgemzzz, uploaded the photo showing the space over the sink where a mirror would usually be, but instead there was just the message “You look fine”.

She posted the infuriating shot with the caption: “This would p*** me off.”

But she wasn’t alone in feeling wound up by the message.

One person said: “That loud a** wall? I still need a mirror as well.”

Another said: “Isn’t this just gaslighting? It’s giving serious ‘why do you need a mirror? I’ve told you that you look fine, isn’t that good enough?’ vibes.”

And a third said: “If I look ‘fine’ why won’t you show me?”

While another person raised the valid argument that he could have something in his eye and this “mirror” would not help.

They said: “I know I look fine, I have something in my eye and I’m trying to get it out bro wtf.”

People were fuming that they weren't just given a mirror above the sink


People were fuming that they weren’t just given a mirror above the sinkCredit: Getty

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