People Are Getting Upset Over The Name Of Primark’s Pregnancy Collection


The name of Primark’s pregnancy collection has sparked senseless backlash.

The retail giant has a massive selection of clothes, whether it’s branded hoodies, joggers with cute motifs and quotes, graphic t-shirts and seasonal efforts that keep shoppers flocking in every day, every week, every year.

Primark recently unveiled a new range designed for those who are pregnant. Because the internet is such an unbearable place, some people are getting upset over its name.

In an Instagram post, the company wrote, ‘Introducing our latest parenthood collection. A maternity capsule wardrobe will make life easy and our range, all in timeless neutral tones, will be the foundation of your new wardrobe as the weather gets colder.’

What’s the issue, I hear you ask? Pregnancy generally tends to precede parenthood, so why is it an inappropriate name for a maternity range? It’s not, but some people seem to think it is.

‘Why call it parenthood, only women get pregnant. What is wrong with calling it the maternity collection as it will only be worn by mothers?’ one user wrote. ‘Parenthood? So is that a maternity range then?’ another commented, with other comments aligning with the classic ‘it’s gone too far’ complaints.

Given it bears no impact on anyone, there’s no reason for people to care. ‘Imagine getting mad because Primark called a new range of clothes the ‘parenthood collection’ instead of ‘maternity collection’ honestly who gives a f*ck,’ one user astutely wrote.

‘Have people considered that, if you’re actually taking time to go on social media to whinge about a shop calling their collection a ‘parenthood’ range rather than a ‘maternity’ range, maybe YOU are the overly sensitive and easily offended one, not LGBTQIA+ folks?’ another tweeted.


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