People are sharing the worst baby names they’re ever heard… including one which was inspired by SHAMPOO

GAME of Throne characters, a hot tub and taco shop – people are sharing the most surprising baby names they’ve heard and you’d be surprised where parents are taking inspiration from.

People have flocked to Twitter to share hilarious, surprising and shocking baby names.


A Twitter user wasn’t impressed by the name ‘Strawberry Rain’ for a babyCredit: Getty

Among the “unusual” monikers posted on the site were Kingslayer, Khaleesi, Diesel Duramax, Psamantha and Crystal Shining Waters.

The Twitter users also slammed a couple who named their child Anakin when all their other children had more mainstream names.

One said: “My coworker named her baby ‘Strawberry Rain.’ Which would be a great baby name, if she had given birth to a bottle of shampoo.”

While another said: “Met a girl named Jennifert in college…Jennifer with a T. Why? Because her parents wanted her to be different.”

A third said: “My kids used to have friends in school whose names were Neptune, Galaxy, and Uranus. All girls. And no, this is NOT a legend or a myth. Their parents were astronomers. Poor Uranus got it the worst.”

Also in the mix was the name Cocaine, Phelany (pronounced the same as Felony), Paige Turner and Kviiilyn (pronounced Kaitlyn as in K-8-lyn).

One person said: “I’m teaching in an elementary classroom and had a boy named Jacuzzi. That was a fun one.”

While another chipped in: “Reinbeaux (pronounced rainbow).”

Khaleesi and Kingslayer were both flagged up as terrible names for babies


Khaleesi and Kingslayer were both flagged up as terrible names for babiesCredit: AP:Associated Press

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