People Are Terrified After Woman Explains Why We Never Die


People are getting freaked out after a TikTok user suggested we might never really die and the world could have ended several times without us realising it.

‘What happens after we die?’ is a mystery that has both intrigued and terrified people throughout history. Whether there’s some sort of afterlife, reincarnation or just total oblivion we don’t know for sure because nobody’s ever come back to tell us exactly what happens.

For some the thought of your consciousness carrying on forever and the essence of you never really dying might be comforting, for others it could be their worst nightmare.

TikToker Joli Moli is terrifying people with the possibility that we never really die, instead our consciousness just hops into a parallel reality, and we carry on with no memory of the world we used to live in, except perhaps for a few details that seem wrong.

She explained that if quantum immortality theory, which suggests that nobody ever really dies, is correct then humanity might have been wiped out many times by apocalyptic events and we wouldn’t even know it as our consciousness would endure and we’d wake up in a parallel world where it hadn’t happened.

The only evidence we’d have of being in a parallel world would be the Mandela Effect, a phenomenon where lots of people remember a significant event differently to the way history says it went.

Some viewers found this suggestion terrifying and disturbing, not least because it means they might have to spend the rest of eternity paying bills.

Nelson Mandela (Alamy)Alamy

Others saw the bright side of living forever, with one commenter describing the idea as ‘comforting’ and another saying it gave them ‘a sense of relaxation’.

When he died in 2013, large numbers of people were sure they remembered him dying in prison in the 1980s and had distinct memories of his funeral being on the news.

If you’ve ever woken up and found things weren’t exactly how you thought they were, perhaps it means you died in another world and woke up in this one. Spooky.


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