People constantly say I look too young to be a mum, some even think I’m TWELVE when I don’t wear any makeup

A WOMAN has shared her story to TikTok about being a young mum, as people often question her for being ‘too young to be a mum’

20-year-old, Priscilla Cawley has documented her motherhood journey to her TikTok account.


20-year-old Priscilla revealed she has received comments saying she looks too young to be a mumCredit: TikTok / princessp202

She’s shared everything from the very start when she found out she was pregnant, the scary moments before she gave birth and her baby daughter’s milestones.

Priscilla regularly posts videos to her TikTok account ‘princessp202’, where she has 20.5KFollowers and a whopping 230.8KLikes.

But the stay-at-home mum often gets hurtful comments from people saying she looks too young to be a mum.

Priscilla said: “When they say you look too young to be a mum but you’re 20.”

She also explained that although she’s 20, she looks “12 without makeup.”

Regardless of the hate Priscilla receives, she claims there is no limit on how far she would go for her family and that her beautiful daughter, Indianna Rose, is her world.

She said: “She’s my best friend and the reason I got through 2020.

“Family truly is everything.”

Priscilla has documented her daughter’s journey to her TikTok account and said: “She finally said muma, her first word.

“She’s learning and growing so much.

“She’s growing so fast.

“Seems like yesterday she was only a day old.

“The love is something else.

“Most of all I’m so comfortable with my mum bod.


One person said: “Bet you get asked if they are your siblings.”

Another added: “I’m 20 too, I’ve got a 2 month old and 6 weeks pregnant.”

A third commented: “She’s beautiful and looks so like you.”

Priscilla is 20 but thinks she look 12 without makeup


Priscilla is 20 but thinks she look 12 without makeupCredit: TikTok / princessp202

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I’m 38, and a mum of three but people never believe me because I look so young, I work hard at keeping in shape


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